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Design Carousel is designed with input from a collective of designers, researchers, creatives who are also parents. Having worked for design and innovation consultancies, we are pretty good at spotting opportunities & helping them come to life. We were surprised to see little focus on children + design and took it as a chance to create something unique and meaningful.



Design Carousel represents both design for children and design by children.


We want to celebrate the importance and magic of children's creativity, embracing and contributing to learning by thinking & making, exploring & experimenting.


There are great cross-overs too. We notice that our commercial clients are often keen to learn how to think & act creatively; how to ask 'silly' questions; how to think without constraints; how to discover the world with fresh eyes - all skills that come so naturally to all of us as children. We often need to remind them that there is no right or wrong in coming up with new ideas, that it is important to look in unexpected places and that sometimes all it takes is a willingness to let go & just play... 

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