Design Carousel is seeking out          UK based designer-makers who imagine & create products that appeal to 

children/parents.We are looking for innovative and interesting products & approaches.... 

   Is this you?

   Join us...  


- designer maker fair


- creative workshops 

We are looking for artists, designers, creative thinkers and doers to run creative workshops for children on the day

Share your skill & energy to engage and empower children to discover, imagine & create


- talk/roundatble discussion

Share your knowledge & experience, your story and your point of view...

Join us to discuss topics such as  - 'creativity & development', 'designing for children', 'sustainable futures', 'parents as



- ideas in the making

Get in touch

& become part of the community

that celebrates

'children + design'

Do you have an idea in the making that you would like to share? Would you like to get feedback from your target consumer...or potential public backing?

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