Listen to the stories of three inspirational speakers who share their experience from three different angles - development/making/business. What does design by children and for children mean? Why is it important and to whom does it apply? Talks running from 4pm at the Pavillion  

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Magic of Play -Yesim Kunter
Yesim Kunter is a recognized play expert and a creative strategist understanding behavior of people to create new experiences and define new opportunities. Previous to her consultancy she had worked for Toys R Us (NY), Lego (Billund, Denmark) and Hasbro (UK) as a futurist. Previous to her consultancy she had worked for Toys R Us (NY), Lego (Billund, Denmark) and Hasbro (UK) as a futurist.
Design Story - Forivor
Rebecca, inspired by her work with British designer Katharine Hamnett and the Environmental Justice Foundation wanted to create a beautiful, ethical and sustainable product. Alice, illustrator and Project Coordinator at the British Museum and The National Portrait Gallery was excited about bringing her distinctive illustrations to this original concept.
Lean Business - Bloomsbury Beginning
A flexible workspace in the heart of Bloomsbury with a high-quality creche at an Ofsted registered site. Additional startup courses, events, workshops and networking
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Join to discuss how Playful Thinking enhances 21st Century skills and the importance of Creative Thinking from childhood to adulthood.  What is the Science behind play? It’s cultural, psychological and philosophical impacts in our society. 

Join Forivor founders, Rebecca Attwood and Alice Ruby Ross, to discuss the inspiration behind their children’s organic, storytelling bedding and the motivation behind their innovative brand. Designed to get children excited about nature and storytelling, Rebecca and Alice will talk about how the idea took shape, their creative process and business strategy and why they feel that nature, childhood and design should and can go hand in hand.

It can be tricky to balance the creative and business side of your startup - especially if you are a busy parent! But business can be creative too....come and learn a useful model of working and capture your business in 20 mins. Forget the 100 pg business plan and get adaptable. No matter if your still  formulating your idea or ready to take charge, learn to get it done with the lean canvas.

 Design Carousel, London 2016


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