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What do you think about the future? What will it look, feel, sound and smell like? 

5 designers/illustrators/visualisers are ready to sketch out your ideas. Need inspiration? Listen to ideas collected by Studio INTO & their Cultural Guides. 11-3pm at the Guide Hall 

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Studio INTO is a research, design and innovation consultancy. By understanding people and their cultures, they help businesses find new opportunities and turn them into innovative designs, services and strategies. Headquartered in London, they curate a global network of cross-industry experts who they call Cultural Guides.


The Cultural Guides are located in both established and emerging markets spanning over 50 countries in 6 continents. With in-depth local cultural knowledge of trends, behaviours and attitudes they deliver culturally relevant innovation opportunities. 

Studio INTO want Design Carousel's Futures Wall to be a place which inspires and excites visitors young and old with a source of videos about the creative minds of children and their thoughts on the future of technology, communication, food and sustainability that affects generations ahead. To create this video Cultural Guides interviewed children in various parts of the world. Come & see it at the Guide Hall. 

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