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Design is about questioning, exploring, creating, solving, experimenting, coming up with ideas, alterations, translations, expressions... building, knocking down and trying again...Come & Play at the Design Carousel! Workshop activities throughout the day at various venues

[please click for more info] Note: Places are on first come first served basis

1-3pm| Band Hall| all ages

12-5pm| Band Hall| all ages

3.30-4.30pm|Band Hall| all ages

11.30-1.30pm |Meeting Room| all ages

2-3.30pm |Meeting Room| age 6+

2-5pm|Youth Centre| age 4-12

11-4pm|Cafe Terrace| all ages

11-1.30pm |Youth Centre| age 3+

2-5pm|Youth Centre| age 4-12

11-3pm| Park Grounds| all ages

all day|Guide Halll| all ages

11-3pm| Guide Hall| all ages

all day| Band Hall| all ages

12-2pm | Drop In Centre | 0 -5

12-2pm | Drop In Centre | 2 -5

11.30-12.15| Band Hall| age 5-8

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