Design is about questioning, exploring, creating, solving, experimenting, coming up with ideas, alterations, translations, expressions... building, knocking down and trying again...Come & Play at the Design Carousel! Workshop activities throughout the day at various venues

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Play To Innovate
Learning through PlaytoInnovate® Design Thinking: Where and how all-great ideas come from? Is there any magic?
Exploring playful design-thinking methods, giving children the tools that they can create their own vision with simple materials.
Playfulness is a way of making connections, enables our imagination to seek for inspirations for creative outcomes.
As philosopher Martin Buber said, “Play is the exultation of the possible”. Age 6+ (younger kids welcome) 20 min slots
3D in the Making
Kidesign is an educational company specialising in designing creative curriculum materials for CAD and 3D printing projects to encourage student engagement in Design and STEM subjects. Kidesign enables learning through making and uses technology as a creative tool to reconnect the digital and physical worlds by teaching practical 21st century skills. Since 2010 Kidesign pioneered creative 3D printing workshops for children through which we have gathered invaluable research and experience.
Den making - Kidesign
Kidesign will run a creative workshop that will use our new "Densters" toy monsters, which allow children to build creative dens and forts. Each Denster is a playful character that grabs onto furniture and holds bedsheets and blankets to enable children to work together and easily construct different types of den and tent structures. As part of the workshop, children will also learn how the Densters were made on 3D printers and will have a chance to experience 3D printing in action
Cubetto Coding
Join us for a 45 minute introduction to coding and the wonderful world of Cubetto. Cubetto is a friendly wooden robot who teaches children about computational thinking through his tangible programming language. With the help of beautifully designed maps and engaging storybooks children navigate Cubetto on his exciting adventures. At the end of their journey our little programmers would be familiar with the concepts of sequencing, algorithms, debugging and functions. All digital explorers 3 to 6
Little Art Forms
In this playful and creative workshop we will invite families to explore and discover interesting textures, surfaces and objects through undertaking a selection of art making activities. Participants will be invited to explore the historical site of Coram’s Fields as a springboard for ideas and to capture parts of the outside environment through collage and rubbings. There will also be the opportunity to create a space for play and exploration, using collage, drawing and photomontage
Goodies vs Baddies
Move over Spider man and Buzz light year... Get the chance to develop your own goody or baddy, that could become the design for a limited edition bibT.
What makes a new character stand out and be memorable?
What should you consider when creating the next illustrated icon?
The team behind bibT are here to help!
Art Code
Discover the future and the past at the same time! Artcodes design and research Lab are excited to participate in Design Carousel at the Iconic Coram Fields. First we will teach you how to draw and scan your own artcodes, a state of the art interactive technology. You will then discover the hidden stories and history of this famous London park on our interactive Trail. Using a smart phone or tablet(not supplied) you will need to hunt around the park to find the clues and unlock the stories.
The Amazing Art Cart
The Amazing Art Cart is a bespoke, portable art cart packed with all kinds of creative materials. We believe in giving children the space & freedom to create through workshops that focus on play, exploring texture, colour, form & shape. We make objects that are interactive & love the idea that you can continue to play with them long after your workshop experience. Join the adventure. Create your own mini design masterpiece using stickers, tape & paper in our badge making workshop. All ages
Living Clay Modelling
Staff and Students from BA Ceramic Design at Central Saint Martins invite the public to build a live clay sculpture to tell the story of Coram's Fields today. We will help you tell the story of this natural haven in the bustling metropolis through making and working in collaboration we will watch this great sculpture grow through the day.

Staff and students will teach you how to express your ideas in clay and show you interesting tricks of the trade.

Please note this will be a bit messy!
Nature - Costume & Decoration
Children of all ages and abilities are invited to join Born Lucky for drop-in crafts using recycled materials and those found in nature. The workshops will be child-led and focus on fun, aiming to stimulate each individual's creativity, making woodland themed costumes and decorations to take home
Magical Creatures
Join Angela from Mary's House Designs to create an imaginary, magical creature inspired by nature and all its wonders. Use images of real life creatures, natural textures, patterns and your imagination. Develop your drawing and collaging skills in this workshop. Suitable for children 7-11 years old and younger children with help
Future Artist
This workshop will be based around inspiring a generation, each child will get their own T shirt, which we have screen printed in our workshop, the T shirt will have FUTURE ARTIST printed on it. On the day they will design, colour-in and decorate their T shirt, using fabric pens and crayons. The children will be able to use this T shirt when ever they get creative at home.
Design Drop In1
Leaf Animals
Using leaves collected from around the park , you can create your very own leaf animals. 0-5 with parents help
Design Drop In2
Bird feeders
Using different types of seeds and construction materials, make your very own bird feeders for your garden and see if you can attract some birds into your garden. (please note we will be using real seeds and foods so if your child has any allergies please check it’s okay when you arrive).
Carousel Workshops
A series of quick workshops designed and run by 'New Designers' as part of the Ideas in the Making programme. Come join in to create products and experiences of the future...
Futures Wall
What will the future look like? 5 extremely talented product designers, illustrators and visualisers will help bring your ideas to life live throughout the day.... watch the wall of the future emerge before your eyes!
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1-3pm| Band Hall| all ages

12-5pm| Band Hall| all ages

3.30-4.30pm|Band Hall| all ages

11.30-1.30pm |Meeting Room| all ages

2-3.30pm |Meeting Room| age 6+

2-5pm|Youth Centre| age 4-12

11-4pm|Cafe Terrace| all ages

11-1.30pm |Youth Centre| age 3+

2-5pm|Youth Centre| age 4-12

11-3pm| Park Grounds| all ages

all day|Guide Halll| all ages

11-3pm| Guide Hall| all ages

all day| Band Hall| all ages

12-2pm | Drop In Centre | 0 -5

12-2pm | Drop In Centre | 2 -5

11.30-12.15| Band Hall| age 5-8

 Design Carousel, London 2016


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